Our company is a collective of synergistic people striving to build-up amazing results in collaboration with our business clients.

biz evolve started up in-between “being a product” for a holdings company – to serve its subsidiaries with excellent analysis work and change implementation – and being a stand-alone business auditing facility. We have since “evolved” from this primary purpose to becoming an independent company to also serve the public more directly. 

We array success meticulously.   

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What people say?

The prestige dream to be my own boss – leading a ground breaking, innovation driven company, was factually an imagination. Biz Evolve in collaboration with Aviv Paz Inc. helped me to pick and allocate all my dreams and implement them strategically within segments until everything I always wanted became a reality. Even when the economy in which I in anticipation risked everything to be involved in endured adverse conditions due to the pandemic, they helped me to align my business basics and evolve around economic paradigm shifting. They are my business’ guardian angels if I can say that!
Amanda Cilliers
avant-garde Founder
From Legal Case Manager to Legal Analyst to retrenched. After looking for work across the country and overseas it all came to nothing. I was low, nowhere to go. I applied for over 2500 jobs per month with no feedback. I used to be a salesman while studying and felt it would be a huge slope to go selling again but I would take anything. An add came up on social media for an entrepreneurial opportunity and I though it was one of those work from home type of things. I called anyway. In a meeting with one of the organization's managers it quickly came to light that I was not so down and out after all. They helped me register my own business, in line with my qualifications and experience to continue doing the work I used to do, but not for a boss. I am the boss now and consult to over 25 law firms across the country. We administer law firm duties on behalf of other law firm clients. I have quadrupled my income and was able to employ like-minded and qualified people that was in the same dire position I was in just two years ago. How can I say “Thank You” enough?
Johannes La Grange
Independent Law firm administrator

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